Friday, August 3, 2012

Victorian Quilters Showcase

Hi Everyone,

I had 3 of my quilts in the quilt Showcase last week in Melbourne and I won 3 wonderful prizes.
"Adorable Adelaide"  won First, in the Mainly Applique Professional category and also won the Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting category. I couldn't believe it and have been over the moon.
My quilt, "We Will Remember Them", which is a tribute to our soldiers,  past and present, won First in the Art Quilt category, as well. I was so happy as I really like that quilt and enjoyed every minute of making it.

At Jill's shop (Jiddi's Patch) where I teach applique, I am going to start teaching domestic machine quilting. I am really looking forward to that, although with a little trepidation as I have never taught quilting before. But it should be fun and I am sure there will be lots of laughter as there generally is in classes.

I hope you are enjoying your quilting. Til next time. Robyn