Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Sister, Chris

I have been away from my blog and my website for a couple of weeks and going through a bit of a tough time this year.

My sister Chris, second of we 5 siblings and next in age to me, 15 months younger, at age 58, has lung cancer. I am shattered - one can only begin to imagne how it must be for her.

She lives in New South Wales near Maitland which is a long way from me. It is a one hour drive to the airport, a flight of an hour and a half and a drive of about half an hour to reach her.

She found out she had lung cancer in November last year and up until about 2 months ago wasn't doing too badly.

She contracted pneumonia in September and almost died; but she has rallied and is still in hospital. At that stage she wanted us all to be with her. I am the eldest, then Chris, another sister, a brother and another sister and our Mum. Our Dad died of lung and brain cancer in 1982.

Chrissy faces a battle and we all want to be there with her. But, like everyone, we have commitments of one sort or another and things we need to do, and we all live hours from each other. So I had to leave her last weekend and come home to do things. I am so torn because I want to be with her but need to be here too.

I will probably go back up to be with her and will be neglectful of my web site and blog posts. My beloved brother also had a partial removal of his prostate and a kidney removed with cancer earlier this year. As well, a nephew has had testicular cancer. So it has been a big year for this dreadful illness in our family.

I wanted to let people know so that there is some explanation for neglect of web things.

I hope you are all quilting to your hearts content and loving every (well, most anyway - maybe not the unpicking) minute of it.

Til next time,