Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pam Bono's new web site

Hi Everyone,

What great quilting weather we have been having here in the southern part of Victoria. It has been a delightful week or two of cold outside and warm and snuggly inside doing our quilting. It is times like this when it is so cold at night that I think about those who are homeless and much less fortunate than we are, and I always appreciate how lucky I am.

The garden is a bit of a mess with the leaves from the apricot and nectarine trees scattered in a carpet across the lawn. But they can stay there until they have all fallen because sure as anything, if I go out and clear them up we will have a windy day and the rest will fall. The seasonal changes that we experience here in the southern part of Australia are one of the things I love most about our climate.

I have continued to be busy and now have another pattern with a DVD on how to make my "Duet" design on Pam Bono's, Pam's Club, web site. Pam has worked so hard over a long period of time to create a new and wonderful web site, where for a small membership you can get the best free patterns and bargains. I am just so in love with Pam's magnificent creations and would encourage people to go and look and consider joining up. The link is

I have had two other patterns in the Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine and continue to work on new designs.

Til next time,

Happy Quilting,