Saturday, March 13, 2010

For The Love of Quilting

Hi Everyone,

It's a new year and already we are well on our way to Easter. Time really does fly, especially when we have lots of fun projects that we want to work on.

I wish to inform everyone that we now have a change in our PO Box number. We used to have our box in the city but when it came up for renewal we decided to get one close to home. So our new PO address is Robian Applique Designs,
PO Box 7545, Geelong West, Victoria, 3218 Australia.

I went off up to Bendigo early yesterday morning, to see my nephew play soccer and what a lovely little surprise, of the quilting variety, I had. Tom (nephew) didn't have his first game til after lunch so we had some free time. AND, what else does a quilter do when she/he has free time away from home, but go to the quilt fabric shops, of course.

I found a shop in Bendigo called Honeysuckle Stained Glass and Patchwork which, as an appliquer, had me salivating. Nicky stocks among the best, most beautiful and somewhat prolific range of tone on tone (among other things) fabrics that I have come across in this state. Her fabrics are to dye for (sorry) and she also stocks a full range of Fossil Fern Fabric. WOW - I was over the moon and will be telling everyone about it and returning to that shop again. If you love applique, as I do, you will be in applique paradise in this shop.

There are several other quilting stores in the beautiful city of Bendigo, also, so it is well worth a drive if you don't live in the area.

Tom played brilliantly in his two soccer games and kicked most of the team goals. They won their first match and had a draw in the second. I would have loved to have been there again today to see his other games but we were unable to find accommodation. But there will always be another time. I hope you have good matches again today, Tom. Congratulations on your fabulous playing.

I hope everyone rushed out and got their copy of Homespun magazine in January which had my pattern "Wattle Day" and profile in it. Also, I hope you all get Australian Patchwork and Quilting for February as some of my quilts were in that also, from when we had our Geelong Quilting Exhibition.

Til next time - happy quilting