Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Relevance of a Blog

Hi Blog Readers,

When we set up our web site, my husband (the computer guru) told me that I needed to be "out there" and have my own blog. So I wrote a few things and posted a few blogs and then began to wonder what they were all about.
I know that people read them because Feedjit tells me they do but there are no comments or responses ......
As the web site provides information about our products and we have a Newsletter that goes out monthly, what is the purpose of a blog????
Can anyone tell me??
Can anyone tell me why they read them and what they want to read???? Do people who don't receive the Newsletter read them???
Should I be communicating what I am up to in my little room designing and making my quilts????? Are people interested in knowing those things???
Are people interested in our beautiful garden as my nectarine tree is bursting forth with pink blossoms??????
Please leave a comment and let us know these things or send an email from the web site because I would really like to know.

Happy Quilting,